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The Fearless Theater Company is now embarking and seeking funding for two new projects: Broadway Playhouse and History Makers Revisited.

Broadway Playhouse, a workshop planned by Ms. Christina Trivigno, one of the Company's senior members, is a new more career-oriented workshop, which gives disabled youth a forum where they can express themselves, build confidence, and hone their writing and communication skills while opening a world previously seen as almost impossible fto this demographic. Working with Broadway theater professionals, workshop participants will experience a variety of stage related professions and learn first hand from those in the business. The Workshop will culminate with an original work created and performed by the members.

History Makers Revisited, a ten minute film, continues the story of some of the history makers six years later. It focuses on their reflections on what impact making the original film has had on their lives as well as the impact the film has made and is making on teachers, students, and families. Both History Makers and History Makers Revisited serve as enlightening and educational tools, which give future generations of young people a real understanding of what happened on 9/11 and the need to always remember-yet move on in a positive way.

Broadway Playhouse and History Makers Revisited represent The Fearless Theater Company's on-going commitment to enrich young people's lives, whether as artists or audience.