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"Count Me In"
"Satchmo's Gang"
"Arts Insight"

Count Me In

An advertising campaign designed to raise consciousness about "access" -- the needs of young people with disabilities to be provided with all the services and benefits of community life.

Two 60 second spots have been produced with The Children’s Television Workshop at New York University:

  • "Good-Bye Fifties, Hello Nineties” (documentary style PSA) produced in 1996. Aired on NY public access television station.
  • Would You Like to Dance? (drama) produced in 1997.

Four future spots have been scripted and include  animation by John Canemaker, puppet live-action by Eric Jacobson and artwork by Ethan Cornell.

  • On Both Sides of the Fence (documentary)
  • OOCH OWCH! (animated)
  • Don't Ignore, It's a Bore! (puppet live-action)
  • Nowhere Fast (comedy)

Satchmo's Gang

Based on the life of Louis Armstrong, “Satchmo’s Gang” is the story of a group of teens with disabilities who surprise their fellow students by hosting a dance at their junior high school.

“Satchmo’s Gang” began as a short script by Louise Tiranoff. The company worked with Ms. Tiranoff & Ms. McVeigh with the sponsorship of The Film Society of Lincoln Center to develop “Satchmo’s Gang” into a screenplay.

Eminent jazz composer and performer Benny Golson came on board to arrange and compose the music, as well as to work with the band, made up of students from LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts in New York City.

In February 1995, at The Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center, the company performed the script for radio in front of a live audience, Clips from Louis Armstrong movies were shown and the live jazz band performed. The show was broadcast in 8 parts on WNYU-FM in New York City.

New York University’s Children’s Television Production Workshop collaborated with the Company and The Louis Armstrong Middle School to create a short video of scenes from “Satchmo’s Gang” in the Fall, 1997. World class musician Clark Terry played trumpet with The Louis Armstrong Middle School Band, and performed in the “Talkathon Booth” scene. Mr. Terry will play Louis Armstrong in the feature film version of “Satchmo’s Gang.”

"No challenge is too great...fear has no part in troupe's performance...SATCHMO'S GANG traces the roller-coaster experience of disabled children who want to honor Louis Armstrong by giving a dance in his honor."
- Naomi Freedman Serviss NY NEWSDAY, 2/95


A music video created with special education high school students at Manhattan’s School of Career Development, New York City by The Fearless Theater Company and funded and supported by CUNY’s College Now. The students assisted in the planning of the video as well as performed in it during Spring 2005.

Arts Insight (1997) MNN

Fearless Theater & The Passport Program at Lincoln Center are profiled in this segment for Manhattan Neighborhood Network Television produced by Fearless Theater member Liz Longo. Includes interviews with Bette Knapp, Lynne McVeigh, and company member Victoria DaVila.